Full Moon on Friday the 13th 2014
Full Moon on Friday the 13th 2014

Got out this morning before the pros hit Pinehurst for day 2 of the US Open. What a show Martin Kaymer is putting on, especially with the flat stick! I wish I could say my flat stick was working after my Aimpoint Express training, but it let me down in a huge way today. Maybe I was focusing on line too much with the new way to read the greens, but my speed was ridiculously bad today.

June 13, 2014 – 6:15am
The Deltona Club. 3rd tees – Rating 68.6, Slope 116, yardage 6143
Scorecard at Golfshot (83/+11)

Score 83 +11
Fairways 7/14 50%
GIR 10/18 56%
Putts 39 2.4/GIR
Scrambling 13% 1/8
Sand Saves 0/1 0%
Penalty Shots 0
Birdies 1
Par or Better Streak 2  3 times

Played the middle tees with a friend of mine today, so really was hitting short irons most places. Most missed greens weren’t off by too much. Generally a decent ball striking round.

Look at that – 39 putts! Could have easily been 40+. Five 3-putts. Numerous misses from inside 8 feet. Missed a couple from 2-3 feet. Hard to explain, I putted the same greens right after they were punched and had 32 putts with one less green hit.

#1 – Driver pulled right, had to punch out, 8-iron to 20 feet, 2 putt PAR (+1)

#2 – Driver down the middle, 7-iron to 15-feet, made the putt BIRDIE (E)

#3 – 5-iron to about 30 feet, 2 putt PAR (E)

#4 – Driver down the middle, 5 hybrid left of pin 25 feet, first putt 8 feet by, missed the comeback BOGEY (+1)

#5 – Driver down the middle, 6 iron layup to 109 yards, up a steep hill – 9-iron to 20 feet, 3 jack after blowing the first way by again BOGEY (+2)

#6 – Driver down the middle, 8 iron pushed left that catches the far edge of the green about 50 feet – first putt hangs about 6 feet wide, but finally make a knee knocker PAR (+2)

#7 – Driver just misses fairway right – no trouble – chuck 3 wood leaves 90 yards uphill – sand wedge was always going to be short, but good pitch with GW and make another 6 footer PAR (+2)

#8 – Driver flared left – have to punch a shot under trees that doesn’t reach the green. Hit a very nifty pitch off a sandy lie that checked up much quicker than expected at about 15 feet – 2 putt BOGEY (+3)

#9 – We’ve been chasing the greens keepers all morning, and we finally caught up. There was no flag on this green – so we hit to the middle of the green. Good enough shot, but left me 30 feet – and that’s a no-no today – blow the first one way by yet again and another 3 putt = BOGEY (+4)

Front Nine where I hit six greens finishes +4 with 20 putts


Back Nine is not much better

#10 – Driver down the middle – no pin again – same story hit the green – about 30 feet away this time I finally left the approach way short. Three putts from the other side of the hole equals another BOGEY (+5)

#11 – 4 hybrid pulled into right greenside bunker. Hit a very nice bunker shot to about 6 feet, and missed low BOGEY (+6)

#12 – Driver down the middle – chunked GW left of the green. Poor chip, two putts, BOGEY (+7)

#13 – Driver flared left but hung on in the left rough. 3 wood rolled up about 20 feet short of the green. Hit an aggressive pitch solid, but ran out about 5 feet past, and I hit a terrible birdie putt that never got to the hole PAR (+7)

#14 – 5 iron left side of the green to about 20 feet. First putt was about 6 feet past, but made the comebacker PAR (+7)

#15 – 3 Hybrid pulled right into the rough but sitting well – sidehill lie. Pushed it left with an 8 iron, pitched rolled out about 10 feet and 2 putt BOGEY (+8)

#16 – Driver pushed a little left – able to lay up to a nice wedge, middle of the green and another three putt BOGEY (+9)

#17 – Driver short but down the middle – second shot with a hybrid short of the green – chipped up and missed the putt BOGEY (+10)

#18 – Went for the green on a short par 4 – hit a solid drive that finished just short right on a sidehill lie in the rough – tried to get aggressive on the chip and put it over the green, and failed to get up and down BOGEY (+11)

So – left feeling very disappointed about my putting, and chipping for that matter – really didn’t leave myself good looks when I did miss the green. I’ll chalk it up to no short game practice this week, but I think some of it is lack of concentration.

I’ll go watch the pros get beat up a little bit in the US Open – that will make me feel better!

Summer of Nerdly Golfing – Day 13 Full Moon?
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